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Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds (or honeycomb blinds as they are often known) are ingeniously designed for perfect insulation. Hexagonal cells in the blind will help keep your home warm on even the coldest nights and cool on the hottest days. One of the latest innovations in window coverings, cellular blinds are a must-have for modern homes.

Our cellular blinds aren’t just stylish and contemporary; they’re also exceptionally hardworking, and they’re on a mission to make your home as comfortable as possible. Those fashionable honeycomb pleats are designed to trap the air inside to create a thermal barrier at your window. The fact they look great too is just an added bonus.

Cellular blinds are modern, durable and stylish. Offering innovative design coupled with an expansive range of design options they are an ideal choice for contemporary, sophisticated spaces. Available in a vast array of different colours, patterns and textures and in fabrics that range from total block-out to subtle and sheer, cellular blinds are an incredibly versatile window treatment option. Affordable and energy efficient, cellular blinds offer great savings from the get-go.


Up to 50% off Cellular Blinds



Up to 50% off selected Cellular Blinds!

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Top Benefits of Cellular Blinds

Energy Efficient

Of all the window treatment options on the market, cellular shades are the most energy efficient. If you’re looking to improve the insulation in your home then this should be your top choice. The unique design of cellular shades makes them perfect for regulating the temperature in your home. They are often called honeycomb blinds because of the hexagonal shape of the cells that they are made up of. When lowered, the cells trap air which helps to keep the temperature in your home more consistent and can significantly reduce your energy bills.

Light Control

Cellular blinds can be purchased in a range of different fabrics with different light filtering capabilities. For maximum light control consider opting for block-out fabrics which are designed with a special underlay which prevents light from filtering through. Cellular blinds in block-out fabrics are an excellent choice for bedrooms as they will help to keep the sunlight at bay in the mornings whilst also keeping hot or cold temperatures from waking you at night. If you would prefer to let light filter through then look for sheer or semi-translucent fabrics. One great thing about cellular blinds is that they can be partially raised or lowered, allowing you some control over the privacy and lighting of your room.

Noise Reduction

A great benefit of cellular blinds is that not only will they insulate your home from the cold or hot weather, but they can also play a role in reducing noise in your home. If you live on a busy street or in a noisy household, than honeycomb shades might be the window treatments you’re looking for! They’re perfect for dimming the sounds of cars or passing pedestrians, or stopping the sound of voices or footsteps from carrying between rooms.


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